Lianne & Mark's Geocaching Adventures

09 June 2002
Forest Grove Park & Washington Park, Portland

Wild Mansion Geocache

We started out at the Hoyt Arboretum in Washington Park, and headed out towards the geocache near Pittock Mansion in Forest Park.

The cache was not so easy to find, as the tree cover was keeping the accuracy of the GPS to a minimum.






04 June 2001
Will Roger's State Park, Rustic Palm

We suckered, er invited, Karen & John along on this 4 hour trek through a variety of terrain and foliage.

Beware -- one of us came back with poison oak.


28 May 2001 (Memorial Day)
Our first geocache trek was to Swingin' Sullivan, a short hike just North of Brentwood. We left two toy kaleidoscopes in the cache.

Entrance to Sullivan Canyon


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