Festivus 2000

Festivus 2000

Photographs and text © Lianne Hoskins Yarvis 2000

This year's Festivus gathering was made more interesting, as Ben & Jerry's ice cream tarnished the feeling of the holiday, by attempting to commercialize on it. Eegads! They released a special limited-time flavor called Festivus.

We learned of this travesty via an article in TV Guide. Much scouring of Los Angeles grocery stores yielded nothing. We encountered a Ben & Jerry store, that had some of the flavor in-stock. We got a pint, and while the clerk's eyes were turned the other way (per our request!) we snagged the poster of the featured flavor! A Festivus Miracle!!

The clerk told us the flavor was selling quick, and that Jerry Seinfeld knows Ben, and they made some kind of agreement that the name would only be used between Thanksgiving and New Year's. If the flavor works out well, they'll have to call it something else. In light of all her help, a donation was made in the clerk's name, to the Human Fund.

While waiting for the pole to arrive, we watched the hour-long Best of Seinfeld. As soon as the pole arrived, we told the Story of Festivus,then we ate and watched the Festivus episode. This was followed by an Airing of Grievances (Lianne's was with Ben & Jerry; John's was with Casey the cat; Larry's was with his dentist -- something about lack of laughing gas; and Cathy's had something to do with not telling her we moved, oops!). Then it was time for Feats of Strength: Boys and Girls wrestled seperately. Followed, of course, by dessert (thanks Nicki!)

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Photographs and text © Lianne Hoskins Yarvis 2000

Group Shot!


Time for Grievances

Scott's grievance captures the audience

Roberto's grievance was the most poignant, although as Mark
points out, are there any non-greivances with the INS?

Karen shares her greivance

Feats of Strength

This year's feat was arm-wresting, on bubble wrap

Robert and Nicki face off

Robert and Larry vie

Karen & Cathy

Debbie and Katrina

The Victors! Cathy and Roberto bask in their achievement.